How Will You Ignite & Launch Your Multi-Figure Lifestyle Business from Your Genius?

Here's a Sneak Peek into Our Agenda...

MODULE 1: Position.

(How to IDENTIFY what your true innate, special zone of genius is in the midst of what your true talents and abilities are.)

In today’ business model, entrepreneurs are building companies that are completely aligned with who they are, what they’re naturally gifted at, what they love doing and the lifestyle they desire.

In this session, you will learn how to stop trying to be all things to all people and focus in on that .1% of special that only you possess in order to create products and services that people are eager to pay you top dollar (repeatedly) for.

MODULE 2: Plan.

(How to OUTLINE your positioning and formulate your message, offerings and production in order to serve your tribe effectively and efficiently.

A successful business or entrepreneur/public figure or brand must be accompanied by a fully functional communication center. Without a strategic way to not only assist/service your tribe, speak to your tribe and nurture your tribe, you've already lost 90% of your business and revenue.

In this module, you will learn of the best tools and strategies to use for your exact platform to best serve your tribe. You will learn the 3 C's of Charismatic Communication that makes your service seamless for your tribe.

MODULE 3: Profit.

(How to DETERMINE what your genius is worth and map a blueprint on how to get there successfully, stay there consistently and grow exponentially).

Understanding the value of money will help build you a solid foundation towards earning more of it and most importantly creating a worthy lifestyle from it. When it comes to getting paid what you're worth, being as realistic as possible will help you to map out where you are and where you want to go.

In this session, we learn how to create a brilliant "Money Map Blueprint" that will help you to set the right goals with a fool-proof plan to achieve them.


My masterplan + bonuses, our phenomenal speakers and kick-ass resources will serve as the ultimate experience, delivered in 2 powerful days.

This blueprint is strategically designed to teach you how to help people and solve problems with your gifts and what you're most passionate about...WITHOUT THE FLUFF, LIES & HOPELESS INSPIRATION! JUST RESULTS! Let's Go!

2 Full Days to BUILD YOUR PLAN + get it DONE!